So today, I shot in this lovely black jumpsuit from Forever21! I am literally obsessing over this jumpsuit. Lately, I have been loving wide leg pants. Here’s a little secret. If you wear wide leg pants or jumpsuits that has wide legs, you will look much taller. Sadly, since I am short (not that short) I always make sure that I choose outfits that will make me look taller. As you can see, this jumpsuit does not have to accessorized with anything because it is already flowy, I’ll just rock a pair of hoops and some wedges. If you’re wondering what kind of bra I am wearing with this jumpsuit, guess what? I’m not wearing any. The jumpsuit actually fits perfect to the point that it holds my breast up for me already. What a dream right? I know the struggle of having big breast. My wedges are also for Forever21 which you can find on my shop page. Link to jumpsuit is here

 This post is Sponsored by Forever21, all opinions are my own.