Lately, I have been so obsessed with vibrant colors that remind me of the 90s like this mustard Crop top. If you know me, you should know how obsessed I am with Crop tops. Especially wearing Crop tops with high waisted jeans or pants. It is just my thing, I don’t care what size you are, I think ANYONE can pull off a crop top, it’s just all about how you style it. Why should people hold back on expressing themselves with their fashion, anyway? Rock your best look regardless of your body. It’s all meant to be fun anyway! Though, you will need some proper support for it. Speaking of, one of the most frequent questions that I receive is about my bras. Yes, I know it’s hard for us big busted women to find a good bra to wear with these Crop tops ut you can find more info about it online. It takes some hunting, but with some time and effort even we get to wear something that gives us the proper support. Some crop tops do better with strapless bras, others need a little extra support whilst not peeking out from the middle. It can be hard to find the right fitting bra for the job. I’ve put some good time into looking out for options that work! Below, I will list some of my favorite bras that I would wear when I dress this way and everything that I am wearing. Stay Beautiful!





Mustard Top

Mom Jeans

Black Bag


Strapless Bra

Another Strapless Bra