So just recently, I was introduced to Trunk Club  a Nordstrom company, which is a platform where you can connect with a professional stylist. You can share inspiration photos of fashion on your Pinterest or even photos you took a screenshot of because you fell in love with the style and send it to your personal stylist. Based on your style and the kinds of outfits that inspire you, your stylist will prepare a box of clothing for you. My stylist was pretty amazing. I sent her photos of items that I liked and the type of clothing that I wanted to wear and the box that she prepared for me was awesome. Don’t worry, you get to see a preview of the things that she will be sending you and you can choose the items that you want. Once you receive your box, you can try everything on and see what you like and don’t like. Once you have chosen the items you like, you can keep the ones you like, ship the ones you do not want and then you get charged for the items you keep. Amazing right? I know! Get styled now! Here ! Check out the way my stylist styled me !