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So I’ve been hearing about the Walmart Grocery pick up for a while and I finally got to see what it was all about. Well, what can I say? Imagine driving to Walmart and knowing your groceries will be ready for you and brought to your car? It does not get better than that. The Walmart Grocery app has absolutely everything and I mean everything from fresh food, spices, water, home goods, snacks, and more! All you have to do is download the app, make your selections, pay for it, reserve your time slot, and then Walmart will send you an alert once your order is ready for pick up. I didn’t even have to call them when I was outside because the app notified them once I arrived. It’s amazing!

When I arrived, a couple of Walmart employees came out with my groceries. All I had to do was to sign for my groceries and then the Walmart employee started to put all my groceries in my trunk. I was really impressed with their system and work culture that promotes customer satisfaction. Speaking of work culture, corporate offices use employee engagement tactics (have a peek here to learn more) to improve the overall productivity and profit of the company. I guess Walmart employees are also trained to engage positively among themselves and the customers to help the business.


And there it was. I had all my groceries and I could not be happier!! No walking around looking for your groceries and no long lines! I linked all of my groceries and my look from Walmart down below!




Here is a discount code for you!

  • Code: M2A3DZ3F
    • $10 off your first order of $50 or more
    • Visit or download the grocery app to order and redeem code.
    • Offer good for first-time customers.
    • $50 minimum order, exp 1/31/2020



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